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RAF Mantle Clock-Inverted Back Box
Price: 495.00 GBP  
Postage Cost: 20.00
Condition: Used
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RAF Mantle Clock-Inverted Back Box

These clocks are believe it or not official RAF-when pendulum clocks were discovered to be adversely affected from bombing-putting them out of beat-the old wall and sector clocks were superceded by platform balance clocks which are not so affected by bombing!
The old clocks were re-utilsed for mess room clocks and the back case was inverted and a new dial utilised to make a mantle clock.
This is one such clock-we purchased this clock from someone who wished to have a westminster clock so you can see it has 2 extra wind holes drilled into the dial-luckily they retained the original chain driven single fusee movement and we were able to restore the movment.

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